Influential Leadership

With a passion to inspire, coach, and mentor people, Zach Malito came to us with a vision to create an influential micro book that would point readers to a better path towards becoming a confident and capable leader that everyone wants to follow. After WinDigital read the content, we began spinning ideas of how we would make this book become visually inspiring, easy to read and convenient to purchase. Committing to making this book paperless, WinDigital developed the visual elements and helped Zach with publishing the book on Amazon. Today, the Enemies of Influence has been distributed to hundreds of people and is highly rated. Over the next few years Zach is planning to publish his first printed book, "The Elevate Paradigm"

From analyzing the content to publishing on Amazon, WinDigital and Elevate Leadership Coaching were in constant engagement and collaboration.

The original content

Illustrated and published to be complimentary to small and larger devices.

What our customer said

I had wanted to do a digital publication of my book “The Enemies of Influence” and I was introduced to Tristan through an unrelated circumstance. I learned about what he did with digital publication through WinDigital and saw some of his work and knew that he would be a great partner for the project. Working with Tristan was not only an enjoyable experience, but he produced the book to an even greater standard than I could have hoped for. In fact, working with him was such a pleasure that I collaborated with him on another project a few months later. I would certainly work with him again and recommend him highly to anyone who wants to produce excellent content and have a dynamic partner on their side who will see the project through and produce an exceptional product on the other end

Zach Malito