A Stay-At-Home Startup

Encouraged by friends and family members to showcase her creativity, this stay-at-home mom decided to take her Pinterest crafting and cake design to the local market.

What first started as designing cakes, evolved into party planning, boutique desserts, and party decorating. WinDigital was there to get her started and enabled her to manage her entire business through a mobile phone.

Elaina Jackson is an extremely talented designer with years of experience of creating unique parties, delicious cakes and boutique crafts. Not knowing where to start, Elaina had us develop a go-to-market strategy that helps working class parents deliver creative and unique experiences for their families.

Today, Elaina has established her business and is gaining traction with her tasty cake designs while extending into the boutique dessert market.

Things we accomplished together

  • Business Plan

  • Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Branding and Logo Design

  • Mobile Managed Business

  • Starter Website and Social Media

  • Advertising