SafetyHive has developed four core safety applications since it's launch in 2017

Accelerating a Startup

With just a few years of development work invested in a proprietary application, Martin Technical decided to take their ideas to the safety software market. With a vision to launch a full suite of safety apps, Safety Hive was launched.

Because of the cohesive relationship between WinDigital and MartinTechnical, the CEO offered us to take the challenge of launching and accelerating the startup. In 2018, Martin Technical retained one of WinDigital's employees to support their product development, IT support and overall launch of the sales and marketing.

Today, SafetyHive is on their third year with WinDigital, leveraging our knowledge and expertise with technology.

Product Design, Development & Marketing

After a few months of market research and a tightly aligned vision with the founder, WinDigital began prototyping new product ideas, refreshing the current ones and preparing the platform to support the enterprise. From business plan to market, WinDigital was a key contributor to getting the right systems and the right people in place.

Things We Accomplished Together

  • Market Analysis and Business Strategy

  • Product Design

  • Product Management & Development

  • Product Marketing

Streamlining Sales & Tech Support

With months of product development in place, WinDigital began the next phase of business development. Creating presentation decks, product pricing and systems to streamline customer onboarding, SafetyHive moved beyond the startup phase and into growth mode.

By leveraging relationships through Martin Technical, SafetyHive was quick to move into the service and channel space. Outsourcing services to the field and reselling the product through distribution, SafetyHive gained significant momentum.

Things We Accomplished Together

  • Sales Operations

  • Customer Onboarding & Support

  • Account Management

  • IT Support

Win Digital assisted in the development of Safety Hive's channel operation, by developing their G-Suite infrastructure and channel sales support portal.

Staying fresh and simple

After a solid year of sales and feedback, WinDigital supported SafetyHive's need to refresh the product and its branding. The vision of SafetyHive is keeping safety lightweight and simple. WinDigital took SafetyHive's most exciting products and unified them with updated interfaces and branding. Today, SafetyHive has modern technology that is scaleable and lightweight.

Things We Accomplished Together

  • Refreshed UX/UI Design

  • Cohesive Branding

  • Unified Messaging